Thursday, March 31, 2011

Job Hunting is like Dating

"Searching for a new job is a lot like dating". Don't believe me? Read on...

My most recent adventure in my life is finding a job. Another/Second part time job. Great pay, great environment & something i actually want to do. I feel this nagging feeling that i am going to do some cool things in my life...

Back on topic, I found it interesting that going through the different processes and the analyzing the initial contacts between the person searching for a job and the recruiter.
This may sound funny to some but for those that don't believe me I present these points: When we are single, for most, we are searching for "the one", a person that will engage us and with whom we are compatible with. We are really picky at first, sifting through many potential candidates until we get to a point where we will just take anything we can get. Now in a new job search we are the same way. We will sift through countless potential employers to find the one that pays the most, or that is closest to our home or the job that will keep us the most engaged in our work, until we have wasted too much time brushing off the jobs we feel "aren't good enough" for us and we are desperate for a job at all.

The most convincing point I can make comes in the second stages of job hunting, where we have interviews. I am a person that loves to people watch, read body language etc, and what I've noticed is that interviews are a lot like the first date. Once we set up the interview we freak out about what we should wear, "should I wear something really formal? I don't want to look like uptight though." "I'll wear something business casual, but I don't want to come off too casual because they might think I don't care." Then once we figure out what to wear we constantly run through potential questions in our minds about what they could ask and what our answers are going to be.

Once we get to the interview we try to read their body language and wonder if the employer is in to us our not, if we should loosen up and joke around some more, it's the same exact thing with dating.

Then the interview is over and we're driving home and we begin to replay the whole interview / conversation in our minds, what we could have said, what questions we should have asked, "Did they like me? Did I look like a dork?" The worst part comes next, the waiting. Sitting at home (assuming you don't have any more dates / interviews) wondering when and if they will call, will they email us? Is it appropriate to email them right away or should we wait a few days?

Although I definitely don't encourage anyone to treat interviews like dates or job-hunting like searching for a partner, I thought it might be interesting to bring to light some of the similarities between the two to lighten up the tough process that is searching of the right job.

hold tight

life sometimes throws you curve balls, & it is really hard to get back on your feet & start all over. but i'm grateful to know that i can get on my knees. & then back on my feet. Heavenly Father is there. He knows what's going on in your life & exactly what your feeling. i'm grateful to know that's true.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

furniture is a blessing...

for the past month we have had no furniture in our family room...

we got new carpet, & pretty much re arranged the whole house because of this.
so we've re decorated! that means out with the old, in with the new.
I will post pictures tomorrow of our finished product, but these are the couches we got... they were having a humongous sale @ Ashley's Furniture & got this pretty little number super cheap.

we're both excited to actually have something to sit on. for the past month we've just been stacking up jackets, pillows, blankets, & lawn chairs to sit on & watch movies.. a couch really is a blessing :)

blogs are fun

Why are blogs so interesting? I mean really?
I've been catching up on all my friend's blogs lately. & can I just say, there are some crazy creative people out there.. i feel like i get o.c.d when putting together my blog. i had to rearrange, & try every background, font, and button in the book...
My point to all this? I think reading other peoples blogs are fun because i get to snoop... i'll see if someone is pregnant yet, or if they'll put that new recipe that i'll make for dinner tonight, or how kids & families are doing. blogging really is a pretty fun hobby, i'm not gonna to lie.
While "snooping" around on everyone's blogs, i realized that people like pictures! lots of pictures! I noticed that i could pay better attention to what that person was trying to say if i could see pictures. & see an actual visual to what was being said.
So, here is my picture overload....

josh & i went to Seattle, WA Nov.12-14, 2010

here we are goofing off with the camera. josh is so fun.

"i am not a crook" we went and saw all the planes at the Boeing museum of flight

Grandpa Told with the fish throwers. did you know these fish throwers are known world wide? & a book was written about them. the book apparently talks about customer service... true story.

here we are may notice is future posts, lots of kissing. Cause well, i love kissing!
This last December, we went with some friends to Park City & S.L.C for some fun. we had a lot of photos, but i like this one.

...Valentine's day last month... So Valentine's day will always have a special place in my heart, because Josh proposed to me on V-day in 2008. it was really romantic. So, every year i've made him a big home made dinner on this night. it's always been fun, new crazy food. well, this year... we decided to get Chinese! but I wanted to surprise him with his fav. homemade apple pie. well, i've never made apple pie before. luckily, it turned out pretty good. so, we took a photo of our dessert & ate every bit of it....

So, just a few photos.. enjoy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my Government class

...& this is how i feel about it...

I hate this class. School, will you ever end?

mr right

I saw on fb the other day, an old high school friend of mine said her husband was her forever friend. how sweet is that?

josh is definitely my forever friend.

have you ever had one of those weeks? Anxious, Nervous, Excited all crammed into one?
Well, these past two weeks have been that way.
i'm so so so grateful to have Josh. He is my rock. He is always lifting me up, helping me out, and loving me no matter what.
We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary in May, and i'm just amazed at how quickly time flies! We are still just as madly in love now as when we met 4 years ago.
i'm just so grateful for this guy.

i love you forever, josh.

not Just a housewife...

Recently I've been following this website...

I have been so loving reading this site, it makes me want to be more handy and crafty.

Now, I try to make dinner for my cute husband and keep the house in tip top shape. But I admit, I'll ignore the dishes , laundry, and dust to catch up on my tv shows or homework.

But I am so amazed that this lady does so much, Plus 4 kids. So, I'm going to just put this out there...

From now on, no more procrastination on housework, and projects.
...Since my mind only works if there's post-it's involved. Here are some
1. Paint that darling crib that i got for free. To jet black, sand all the edges down. To have that "country look"
2. Keep up on cleaning our bathroom-- have you ever noticed that hairspray sticks and creates this film over all your bathroom? Well, my hairspray does that. & i know that my husband thinks it gross, yet he never says anything.. (i know lucky right?) :) But, I will clean off hairspray film from my bathroom every day.
3. My fridge... no comment. my fridge will be clean.
4. Organize laundry, and do vinyl lettering i've been dying to do for forever
5. Cook dinner Every night for a week! 1 week straight.

Hold me to this!

Hair is a love hate relationship

So fairly recently I chopped off my hair. From this....

to this....

Ok, so I'm not going to lie, I really kinda liked it at first. But now, I am just missing my long hair more and more. what's a real bummer is that my hair takes a bizzilion years to grow a couple inches. so right now i'm just complaining.

Benefits of long hair:
1. Easy to do.
2. Can do funner things with long hair. aka, curl, krimp, straighten, etc.
3. Josh would play with my long hair

1. Tangles
2. Have to constantly trim hair (unless your one of the lucky girls, who have beautiful hair even with messy ends)
3. Product, Product, Product. keep that shine, volume and style all day long.

Well, one great blessing to life is... hair grows! Give mine a couple years, but it grows!

i am going to be nicer....

So the other day, I went to the grocery store. Because, well, we were completely out of food. And it just so happened that I ran into Josh's ex-girlfriend. Now, maybe I am just crazy and a little dramatic. But I always disliked anyone that really used to date or go out with my husband.
I mean, he's my husband now. Why should it matter who he dated, right?
Well, anyways, this girl he used to date (back in high school) Apparently was gorgeous, I mean I saw pictures, stunning she was. What's funny, when I saw her, she wasn't at all. In fact she was kind of awkward and not that kind. Of course, it was nice that she even recognized me, but I was just super surprised is all.
I've realized this week that I need to let the little things go... I had No reason what-so-ever to even have the teeniest, tiniest bit of jealousy or dislike her in any way.
So, from now on. I am going to be nicer.
This whole story sounds funny now that I've written it down.
But in all seriousness, we are here on this earth to find Joy right? Well, heck. I better start learning to really enjoy life and enjoy the little things. And ignore things that truly do not matter. Now don't go thinkin I'm the jealous type. But I know all women secretly hate past relationships too :)