Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodbye First Trimester!

That's right, I'm officially out of my first trimester!
Here is what I have learned during this miserable/emotional/fun trimester...

1. Crying. Like a whole freaking lot of it. I cry while watching the news. Pretty much every emotion is magnified
2. Mad. I called the past few weeks my grumpy stage, I don't know if this was normal but lots of little things would drive me nuts.
3. Boobs. (this may be tmi) so turn away. But, first they are massive, and second they are painful, they are wonderfully evil. :)
4. Tired. No, Exhausted! I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I fell asleep on the stairs one day.. it's bad.
5. Reason, why I am so happy for next trimester. Nausea, Throwing up. Worst thing ever!

I've learned it's ok to eat what sounds good, even if it is oreo's :) and I've learned about being patient! Little things are not that big-a-deal. :)

Pics to come soon, Thanks for reading! I know I haven't updated this for a Looonng time, but as soon as this summer semester is done, I'll have some free time to just blog! Yay for Babies!