Monday, October 12, 2009


SO... HALO! I know, What a NERD! So Josh and I have been playing Halo this last weekend! I've never really liked the game, but for some reason,
I've loved learning and playing. I'm not addicted at all, but it's just fun stress reliever!
So if anyone is looking for an easy stress relief, and a great connection with the Hubby. Play HALO!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

School, work, family, school, school...

Ok so it's finally Saturday! Waited all week for this day to come. This week has been school, for me, I'm studying to be a dental assistant, and it's really fun but seems like there's a lot to it. I have a lot of study time and am doing well, but the deadline is this Wednesday and I'm kinda freaking out.
Josh is acutally at school right now. He's taking a test. I'm really excited for him doing this Medical school, but I'm not loving the school part. :)
Other than that, we're doing awesome!! I'm at my parents house for the weekend, we had a family party last night and baptism today. My cousin, Ashley is going to homecoming and I'm going to do her hair!
Well, wish us luck this next week! And have a great week today! Write later!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ok, so I thought that blogging would be easier. It's pretty hard honestly, but I am learning. I've had approx. 4 blogs and this last one is the one that has finally stuck. Today is general conference and I am loving it. I really like how David A. Bednar talked about love and showing love. It just made me think of my cute husband. I've uploaded a picture from our wedding album-- it's my favorite! Well hope your enjoying your general conference day. Write later!