Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy 3 Years!!!

Hey Josh,
Remember this day?

Remember that we kissed...a lot...

Remember how fun that day was? Remember laughing & dancing together?

Remember promising Forever?

I do, & I have loved Every Second of it since that special day!
Happy 3 Year Anniversary Josh!
Here's to many more happy years with you!

Love you forever.
your bride,

We're beginning our Anniversary week this week!! It will end May 16.-our anniversary. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"If your hot, healthy & fresh...

Everybody Wants You" ;)

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store & purchased some Bread, Bananas, Lemons, & Apples.

I've been making food that have been low in calories lately, & been using fresh, hot, healthy products.
Well, I purchased these items & now today... most of them are rotten!? . .Don't ask me how, But they're all mushy. What's weird is that yesterday they looked so good.
I must not be that good at picking out fresh products, or the store is just super lame... ya, I'm thinking it's the second one.
Summer semester starts up again next Monday & we just got our grades back. I got pretty good grades, except for my darn Government Class. I will be re-taking this class in the fall. The goal is I will be done with my degree this fall which is just a few more months! I can do this right?
Josh got almost straight A's. One B is all. I am so proud of him, he was taking hard classes as Organic Chemistry, with lab and Immunology & he Aced them!! He's going to be such a great Dr. when the time comes.
-Will post more later, just been busy lately.