Sunday, May 2, 2010

World's worst blogger

It's True, I'm a TERRIBLE blogger :) But that's ok, I'll just catch up with ya!
Ok so I finished my schooling and work for an orthodontist! I love my job, but I don't love the whole "working with women" thing. I grew up with guys, I hung out with guys, I just do better with guys. 'Nuff said :)
But I Love my boss!! Ok, I am going back to school to become a dental hygienist. Which is awesome, but difficult when trying to figure out when's the best time to have kids.??
Josh is doing great, just extremely stressed with school, because there's ssooo much going on! But he is awesome! He is so smart and so persistent, I'm just so lucky.
I know that there's a lot going on, but I really am so grateful for Josh and for what he does for me.
He goes through a whole lot to be able to provide for our one day family. I'm so proud of him and how hard he works. One day this will all pay off, and until then I'm just loving the ride with him!

Josh, I love you with every single bit of my heart. I will try my hardest to show that to you, and make sure you know I could never live without you.

WRITE LATER (promise) ;)