Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Announcement!!

I Am Pregnant!!!!

This sweet little baby has taken a Long time to get here! But so extremely worth it!
Back in October we felt that we should start our family. & almost 6 months later, we Finally got that long awaited Positive!
Josh and I are just so excited!!

If you look close at the picture It's sweet little hands and legs are stretched out!! It actually looks like a mini baby, instead of a gummy bear or jelly bean. Josh said "It's already the center of attention" and the Dr said "It's just so excited!"
And we are so excited!! I can't even express how grateful I feel. As soon as that little baby was on the ultrasound I just started to cry, with amazement and joy.
What a blessing!! We adore this little one already!

*I am 8 weeks along and I am due January 27,2012*