Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bee's Game

Tonight we went to a ball game with my family!

My dad got us all free tickets to the Bee's game, they lost Horribly, but it was so fun just spending time together...

Here is my mom & dad. oh and my little sister in the background ruining the picture

Here is my older brother, Scott with the Bee... He looks so happy!

My little sister & I with Buzz the Bee...We had to chase that bee down

& here is Josh and I (mind our faces/and my hair) It was crazy humid & hot!!
Oh and my older brother in the background.. my family has a thing with that :)

We had so much fun just @ the ballgame with my family, thanks for taking us!!

(FYI- 18 week pregnant picture: I will take one soon, but there really isn't anything there yet--so I will be taking one at 20 weeks. When we're half way there!)

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